A New World

Writing Character Driven Human Wave Science Fiction In A Persistent Universe

A New World

Writing Character Driven Human Wave Science Fiction In A Persistent Universe

Poor Fellow Soldiers

Passionate Self-Publishing Fiction Writer

It's too late for me, but you can save yourself.  Oh no! Wait! You’ve read this much . . . you can’t go back!

Your only hope is to stop now! Read no further.

I, John, am a veteran turned self-publishing fiction writer. I enjoy writing Science, speculative, fantasy & multiverse fiction.

Who is My Community? You Are!

Those who have traveled wide and sailed the seas have no roots in the earth or people to call our own. And that’s all right. Because we are a bit of everyone we have met and every place we have been, and they are all my Poor Fellow Soldiers.

Join Us and See the Worlds; All of them are to imagine!

I love to hear from people. Bouncing my writing off my friends, family, and strangers online has given me a wealth of great ideas. You can find my social media to connect.

Poor Fellow Soldiers
Poor Fellow Soldiers

Let’s All Talk About Those “What Ifs.”

Smell the campfire, coffee, and bacon. Inhale the scents of wool, leather, sweat, and powder smoke. Feel the glare of the sun and the cool of the moonlit night. Socially irrelevant, Sarcastic and irreverent, Spiritually diverse, and Cognitively adverse.

I have been there, done that—teacher, sailor, soldier, spy.

My Journey

My childhood ranged from Long Island to San Antonio to England and Germany. I was a part of Scout at 11, a firefighter at 16, and a Soldier at 18. I was in Korea when they were still rebuilding from the war. I came out of the army in ’79, managed an apple orchard, and worked in a textile mill. 

I entered the Navy in ’81 and sailed the seven seas in frigates, cruisers, and aircraft carriers. I plunged into the frigid North Atlantic and beyond in Fast Attack submarines and rode the air currents in rickety old Orion patrol aircraft. 

In between, I read voraciously and studied history. Eventually, I became an NJROTC Instructor until I finally hung my uniform in 2020. 

What did my friends and I do in our slack time all those years? We talked about the books we read. “There I was at ten thousand feet” was a running gag line. I love to tell stories and try to share my experiences.

Poor Fellow Soldiers

My Love for Cultures

I draw on a vast exposure to diverse cultures, climates, and terrains. I have watched the milky mist rising around the mountains on the Korean DMZ and seen the green flash at sunset on the open ocean. I saw glaciers calving into freezing indigo waters. We awed at a hundred dolphins leaping from the sea in unison and storms angry enough to scare the brave. I don’t want those moments to fade like snow under a hot sun.

So, I put my heart and memories into my stories and all the great conversations, starting with “What if?”

Now sit back, buckle up and set yourself for forays into the unknown of “What If”?
There’s no greater question, is there? Professors and Philosophers might seek the pretentious and profound. 

Poor Fellow Soldiers
Poor Fellow Soldiers

My friends and I always began with “What If”?

“The “Where and When” of it didn’t matter. Twilight coffee watching the sun set beyond a sapphire sea, under the stars around a fire surrounded by oaks and pines, rustling in the breeze, in aluminum chairs at a plastic table in an old camper trailer, and around a barbecue, sizzling steaks, sausage & ribs at the end of an autumn day, we spoke of books we’d read and places we’d been. “There I was at ten thousand feet!” But the real talking always started with “What If”?

And that’s why I write. Because the real excitement, adventure, humor, and, yes, even romance all start with a “What If?” 

So, indulge yourself by settling down with a hot cheeseburger and crispy fries or a mountain of ice cream and your favorite toppings. Take a big bite or a super scoop and enjoy the ride because we will have some heart-pumping, life-threatening, tear-blasting, skin chafing, hair yanking, gut-wrenching High Adventure!

You know, What If . . .?

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Neanderthals on dinosaurs battle evil Enforcers with airships and blasters!

On the trail of Merlin and Percival, Gavin and his college friends enter Avalon in search of Excalibur and the Grail. Instead, they find themselves embroiled in a war for the soul of a world! An Dagda and his Enforcers rule with terror, technology, and thought control. Literacy is punished by death!

Gavin must lead his friends to the pyramids of Giza, defeat An Dagda and his Enforcers, and return the Stone of Destiny to our world. And before it’s too late! But it’s a long long way from the Grand Canyon to Egypt. Along the way they gain help from Neanderthals, Rebels, Renegades, and a Thieves’ Guild!

Psychic and physical battles abound as Gavin struggles forward while falling in love with his friend Taeko.

Myth and legend crash against history and technology!

Join the fight for liberty, reading, writing, and romance!

Omni Scientia!

Published 20th Aug, 2022
Copyright 2022 by Poor Fellow Soldiers,
P.O. Box 665
Forrest City, Arkansas 72336
Copyright © 2022 by Poor Fellow Soldiers
P.O. Box 665
Forrest City, Arkansas 72336
All rights reserved.
Cover designed by MiblArt.
Layout by From Manuscript to Book.
Printed in the United States of America
ISBN 979-8-8429-3177-4

Poor Fellow Soldiers