Okay, let’s not go there. Does it make a difference? Maybe. But do we even know what Chivalry is anymore?

It’s not just holding doors, saying please and thank you, and having some manners.
I wanted answers so I went to the Primitive Rule of the Knights Templar. You know, The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Jesus Christ and the Temple of Solomon. You should read it. Here is a link:

You might find the text online as well.
More later maybe on details. But I am kind of old, you know? I remember a time when men behaved more like Templars and less like barbarians. No offense. Guys can be rough around the edges. That’s part of being a man. They can still be gentlemen in their actions without.

Ladies? Ask yourselves about the man in front of you.

“Would this guy take a bullet for me?”

I’ll tell you what. I have seen the attributes of a Knight in men with dirty hands and wearing camouflage more than I ever have in a man wearing a suit and tie. No offense meant to men who need to dress “up” for their chosen career. You catch my drift, I’m sure. I’m not saying we shouldn’t wash our hands or dress well. Don’t nit-pick me, okay? I’m trying to make a point here.

We used to say a friend was someone you could call at 3 AM on a stormy night for a battery jump to start your car. Men? At the moment of crisis will you run into the mess, or will you grab your cell phone to take a video? Which one are you?

Just asking.

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